Found a fantastic load for my boy's new 7mm08

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Found a fantastic load for my boy's new 7mm08

by DallanC » Sun Jul 28, 2013 6:47 pm

My 12 year old boy spent his hard earned money on his very first rifle earlier this year. We've had it out a few times trying to find a load it liked. I found some "ok" loads but nothing I was happy with. We did a camping trip on the boulder mts this past week so I loaded up 10 different sets of cartridge configurations with different powders, amounts, bullets etc to see just what the gun preferred.

After alot of shooting, one load clearly outshone everything else. It used a 120grn Nosler Ballistic Tip Hunting (dont confuse that with the varminter version) over 47grns of 4350 and a Winchester Large Primer. Cronograph clocked them at 2920 out of his 20" barrel. Groups were 1MOA with my crappy eyesight which I was estatic about! The close runner up was a 120grn BT Hunting over 48.5grns of H414. I did try a few 140grn bullet loads as well but none of them were all that great, further load development is needed for those.

Great loads for a youth! Should be a great 300yard deer and antelope gun, and the lucky kid drew the 2 doe antelope tag this year, so he can bag a double. Going to be a fun year for sure!

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