Hard Deck Gear...Plus Reviews and Star Rating

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Hard Deck Gear...Plus Reviews and Star Rating

by k2muskie » Fri Feb 28, 2014 3:47 pm

Well for us at least, unless Mama Nature and the Polar Vortex do a major flip flop, we're prepping for the soft water. So with that being said, here's my review on hard deck gear purchased and tested along with rated stars (1 being least liked 5 being most liked):

Honda 4 Stroke 10" auger. Very nice no mixing oil to gas. But I did find punching holes with it well didn't have as much ump-pah I expected and would like bog down lift up slightly and put down worked great. I do like the fact though I didn't smell like gas and it was very quiet including punching holes in tent. However, after seeing the Nils and the drill setup I may look to further enhance for next year...lighter (weight is everything for us) no oil or gas just charging battery. 3 Star

New Vexilar FL-20 totally enjoyed it but I have to admit the zoom features I never used. So the old FL12 to be honest would've met my needs and yep still have the old one. 3 Star

Foldable ice rod holders from Action Tackle Products worked fantastic. Took up no room in sled and very easy to use. Will be looking at getting a couple more of these. 5 star


And yes again the Action Tackle Product bite indicator totally ROCKS and showing one the slightest of hits/nibbles. 5 Star


Foldable RV Step Stool 9". Mr. Mike Hall had one pictured and told us where he got it. Made the purchase and LOVED IT to set flasher on. Foldable and takes up very little space in sled. Way better than setting flasher on a bucket plus bucket takes up valuable sled space. 5 Star

http://www.campingworld.com/shopping/it ... eige/67052

Didn't buy the Anti-Gravity Micro Start specifically for ice fishing but of all the gear ops checked...VERY IMPRESSED and well worth the investment and can be used year round...jumping a dead battery and charging my cell phone is what I used it for...very compact and easily fits into glove box, backpack, sled, pocket...the other possibilities with this item are there. 5 Star


For lures well Mr. Mike Hall presented us with the Sonic Bait Fish (SBF) from Macks Lures and I can tell you this, we'll be using these lures again next hard deck season. Produced numerous PERCHZILLAS on our last trip to Cascade. 5 Star


So a few K2 product reviews.

So anyone else willing to share reviews?

;) ;)

On lures it has to be the Sonic Bait Fish from Macks Lures...all thanks to to Mr. Mike Hall on introducing us to these styles of lures. Caught my biggest perch on this lure.

We never get skunked...its the fish that get skunked they just keep missing our lures....
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