Price river?

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Price river?

by Dunkem » Fri Aug 02, 2013 3:34 pm

Spent some time in carbon county today and was looking at the price river coming home, looks like a nice stream,anyone have any thoughts?
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Re: Price river?

by DallanC » Fri Aug 02, 2013 8:47 pm

Huh... never really thought about it but you are right. Those types of places can hold some monster fish that are often over looked.

Reminds me of a day I was going to the Lindon dump with my dad. Waiting in line to get in, he said look at that ditch, thats the kind of place people dont even consider fishing but it usually holds a big'un. After unloading our junk, he pulled off and tossed in a lure he always kept in the truck. Other people in line thought he was nuts... until a 5lb brown hooked up and he hauled it in. One of my favorite memorys growing up was my old man tossing that fish in the back of the truck while others sat there dumbfounded. Was quite comical to see fishermen there over the next week as word got around :D

You know... I havent seen anyone fishing that creek in years... better float a worm through it soon ;)

Anyway back to the topic, I'd say keep a rod in the truck at all times with a couple good streamers / lures. The only way to know though would be to wet a line and find out. With the warmer weather, float your bait into those deeper cool holes.

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