PerchPlatoon Hits Cascade

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PerchPlatoon Hits Cascade

by k2muskie » Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:56 pm

What a mission and mission complete!

Leading up to the mission I was having serious second thoughts about going. I burned the scared incense trying to appease the forecasted conditions. Toiled for several days and finally we made the command decision the K2 gals were in. On the drive up and outside of Boise Mama Nature showed us a potential when a rainbow appeared.

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MN Rainbow.JPG

All of us who braved it knew it was going to be an adventure in the worst ice conditions (at least for us) we’ve ever fished in. Mike sent me this earlier in the week as I was himmy-hawing and toiling.

Worth It.JPG
Worth It.JPG (44 KiB) Viewed 1554 times

It was well worth it no matter what Mama Nature’s raging hormones threw at us. Sooooooooo glad we went...

PerchPlatoon mission members who braved conditions: Gary, his nephew Rowdy, Glen and his friend Eljay us two ole gals and our MuskieMulisha dear friends from Boise John and Lois and Mike Hall. Mike was the forward observer who had been up there all week braving Mama Nature while putting perchzillas on the deck providing scouting recon intel.



Ladies of PP.JPG

We all arrived safely Thursday and met at Tackle Toms to get licenses, info, a few additional lures and just chit chat with Tom. Mike comes in after a few hours fishing and provided a fishing tease for us all with a few very nice Perchzillas one going over 2lbs.

2 lbr.JPG


Got out on the ice Friday roughly 0930 conditions were snow that turned into rain and it rained, rained, and did I say RAIN all day Friday but we all persevered. Ice was very safe 20 plus inches of clear ice with 2-4” of water and 6-8” of pure slush. All the sleds and Mike’s side-by-side made it out and back from various locations. At least I believe we all know with those conditions what the ice chariots can do.


More Fun.JPG

First Day.JPG

WG.JPG (68.64 KiB) Viewed 1554 times

I decided not to tempt the fate fairy and we fished with John and Lois. Leaving the sled parked Walked onto ice from Crown Point. Got some nice keeper Perch 10-12” and Kay nailed a nice 14” on a #2 jig’n rap green tiger UV. She had to do the arm dive as the Perch came off right at the top of the hole. She also iced a nice little Rainbow on a #3 jig’n rap glow Perch that was a titch under 2lbs. Her Perch weighed in at 1.70 lbs at Tackle Toms. Gary, Rowdy, Glen, and Eljay all took machines out on ice and fished where we did Friday and brought back some VERY NICE PERCHZILLAS.





Cascade Zilla.JPG

PM & LJ Mess.JPG

Cleaning Station.JPG

I have to say YET ONCE AGAIN A BIG THANK YOU to Sharon at the Alpine Lodge/Motel. This lady bends over backwards for us on each and every visit. This trip being our 3rd. She made dinner for us when we all got in on Friday. Cooked homemade chili, burritos and honey corn bread. WOW!!! Delicious and YUMMIE. Again we were allowed to clean our fish and even dry our ice fishing outer gear using their laundry room and storing our fish in their freezer. Where else has one stayed that allowed fish cleaning, using their dryers and storing fish again in their freezer plus I believe Justin helping Eljay with his sled. Outstanding accommodations from awesome downright genuine nice folks who truly make one feel like family. Matter-o-fact the whole town of Cascade all the folks are sincere and very friendly.

I also want to say THANK YOU Mike Hall for the SBF (Sonic Baitfish) lures and tips and also providing info on where to fish and going out with us on Friday. For me anyways, I just used the SBF and caught my PB Perchzilla along with other very nice Perch on this lure. Also THANK YOU Glen for the treats along with Gary…oh Gary thanks for beverages and betting with me…haha.

So alls I can really say is what a trip what a great bunch of folks we got to share this adventure with. Kay and I want to say THANK YOU for the great time and totally awesome company…can’t wait until next year’s adventure…let the planning begin NOW!!!

:D :D
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Re: PerchPlatoon Hits Cascade

by Dunkem » Mon Feb 17, 2014 1:02 pm

Lordy those are some big uns,guess im going to have to try there next year.Another good job :)
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Re: PerchPlatoon Hits Cascade

by Huntoholic » Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:41 pm

Those things are pigs........

Looks like the drive was well worth it.
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Re: PerchPlatoon Hits Cascade

by DallanC » Mon Feb 17, 2014 9:55 pm

Sheesh, those are huge. Totally looks like it was worth the effort. That seems like a pretty huge lake, and from your pictures not alot of pressure (its rare anyone else is ever visible in the background). Pretty cool fishing spot, well done!

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