Some Veterans need your help

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Some Veterans need your help

by dubob » Wed Jul 23, 2014 7:00 am

This is a call for some help just in case you don't visit or lurk on the BFT website. Every year, the members over there have been able to put together a flotilla that will handle the number of disabled Veterans who sign up for this once a year event and the number has been growing every year. This year there are 96 disabled Veterans signed up with just over a week to go until the event takes place. And so far, there are only enough boats signed up to handle 68. They REALLY need your help. Please contact Todd Hall at the email shown below if you can help with this event.

If you participated in this event in the past but felt like your efforts weren't appreciated, please know that the Utah Disabled Veterans Fishing Foundation (UDVFF) has been, and still is, working diligently to make sure that you will not experience that situation in the future. As with any undertaking of this magnitude, there have been some growing pains; and lessons learned. The UDVFF is doing everything they possibly can to make sure that every Veteran and every Volunteer is treated with respect and dignity and is made to feel welcome and appreciated. So if you had an issue in the past, please give this event one more chance to show you improvements and progress have been made in making this a stellar event for everybody.

Here are the specifics on the Event:
Who: Disabled Veterans seeking treatment at the VAMC in SLC, UT
What : Take them fishing in the AM, serve them a nice meal for lunch, give them some basic fishing equipment
Where: Soldier Creek Reservoir and Group Pavilion
When: August 2, 2014 starting with the boater registration at 6:00 AM at the Soldier Creek Launch Ramp. (See complete details below.)
How: Through the good will and charity of anglers just like you.

2014 Utah Disabled Veteran Fishing Event

Where: Soldier Creek Marina, Soldier Creek Recreation Area, Strawberry Reservoir
• Entry fees will be waived for volunteers. Tell the gate attendant you are part of the Utah DAV event. You will receive a card at registration to display on your dash to signify you are an event volunteer.
When: Saturday, Aug 2nd 07:00 – 15:00
• We will start boater registration and launching boats at 06:00 at the boat ramp.
o Each boat will be assigned and given a number to display.
o All boats will be launched and lined up on the water prior to loading vets.
o Coffee, hot chocolate and donuts will be provided.
• Veterans will arrive at 07:00 and begin registration and loading boats.
o Boat loading will occur 1 boat at a time in single file from the end of the dock.
o Boaters will move into the dock as they are called in numerical order, single file to pick up their veteran.
• Boaters are free to head out fishing as soon as they have their assigned veteran on board.
• 13:00 Lunch will be served
• 13:45 – 14:15 Guest speakers
• 14:15 – 15:00 Raffle and closing ceremony.
What do you need:
• Uniform – Would like to request all active duty military to please wear working uniform, not required though.
• Folding chairs- we have limited available seating for the BBQ so please bring any folding chairs you may have.
• Fishing gear - Each veteran will receive a new rod/reel combo but not much else. Some veterans will have their own fishing gear, some will not.
o We will have a sheet explaining the Strawberry regulations provided to each veteran.
o Boaters should have a fish measuring device to comply with regulations and record fish lengths for trophies. We will have a few measuring devices to provide those that do not have one.
• Safety Equipment – you will need to provide a life jacket for your guest fisherman. Would like each boat to have a marine band radio or hand held multi channel walkie-talkie type radio if possible. We may have some loaners for those who might not have one.
Please contact Todd with any questions:
Todd Hall , Director Utah Disabled Veterans Fishing Foundation ><((((º>
Bob Hicks, from Utah
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