Getting into Pistol reloading

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Getting into Pistol reloading

by DallanC » Sat Nov 23, 2013 10:24 pm

Got invited to the "after hours vip event" at Cabelas last night. Some decent deals on various gear, I ending up getting some 380acp dies for $25 and a 250 count box of Berrys Plated bullets for another $22. While I prefer the 40S&W for shooting, my little LCP is becoming the family favorite to shoot... ammo is ridiculously expensive for what it is though, and still really hard to find so I figured why not reload for it. A box of ammo costs well over $30, I figure can reload for under $10 a box. I have pistol primers already so now I just need to round up some w231 powder (proving really hard to find). Hopefully I can turn up a can and one stormy day this winter I'll do a batch.

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