Law against Human silhouette targets

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Law against Human silhouette targets

by DallanC » Wed Sep 19, 2012 3:51 pm

Rediculous... there hasnt been a mistaken shooting at ranges, but some idiot legislators feel the need to pass laws just for the sake of laws. Who cares what the target shape is... and isnt there a valid reason to have human shaped targets for a double tap drill for personal defense? I hate to see laws like this proposed! ... id=queue-3

State lawmakers questioned a Utah Division of Wildlife Resources practice of forbidding human-form targets at its public gun ranges Wednesday.

State law does not define or prohibit what types of targets may be used at public shooting ranges.

DWR doesn't have a formal policy against human-form or silhouette targets but the practice goes along with its philosophy for hunter's education classes dating back to their inception in 1957, said DWR marketing coordinator Robin Cahoon. The course, she said, teaches hunters not to point guns at people or anything they don't intend to shoot.

"We don't want people having accidents and shooting other people," Cahoon told the committee.

The DWR neither provides nor allows gun owners to use their own silhouette targets at its ranges during public shooting hours. It does allow police departments or concealed weapons permit instructors to use them for training courses in off hours, she said.

Cahoon said this is the first time the issue has come up. She said the DWR is willing to talk to legislators and constituents about it.

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