Mothers California Gold Clay Bar

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Mothers California Gold Clay Bar

by k2muskie » Sun Mar 24, 2013 12:55 pm

I love it when I find something that actually works... :party:

So with hopefully the harsh winter behind us with salted roads etc I noticed little red spots the size of a pin head all over the side of my new truck. Even after washing these tiny red spots were still there. Now of course being a white vehicle these spots are noticeable when you look closely. I tried everything I could think of that wouldn't harm the trucks paing and boy oh boy was that a workout to get some of the spots removed. Talked to a dealership about this and the parts manager told me the best stuff to use to remove this as he called it railroad rust with the least amount of effort...still need some elbow grease was this stuff called Mothers California Gold Clay Bars.

So I bought some and WOWZA this stuff works and comes in a complete package (two clay bars, lubricant to use with clay bars and nice size micro fiber towel) enough to do 6 vehicles. Been using it and no more red pin head spots and I'm a happy camper.

If your interested and I've tried this product and its K2 tested and's a link so you can check it out.

;) ;)
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