Government at its finest - not.

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Government at its finest - not.

by dubob » Fri Dec 21, 2012 11:31 am

While some of you have probably read the entire Waterfowl Proclamation, I’m sure most who did probably read past this paragraph without comprehending its significance. Here is the paragraph I’m referring to from the “Closed Areas” section:
Salt Lake International Airport—Hunt¬ing and shooting is prohibited. Hunting or shooting on the airport or its related or controlled properties is not allowed without the express, prior written approval of the airport director (Salt Lake City, UT, ORD. Sec. 16.12.325).

Of particular interest to me is the ‘airport controlled properties’ referred to by the South Shore club members as the ‘Mitigation property.’ This property is located between 2 and 3 ½ miles west northwest of the airport proper. It is NOT in the flight path for the airport which is restricted to north and south headings only. It’s true that most aircraft departing the airport on a north heading will turn west almost immediately and pass directly over most of the south shore clubs. It’s been that way forever. This is an important point because of what the response was when I requested written permission to gain access to that property. Here is the response from Maureen Riley, Director of Salt Lake City Airports:
“Mr. Hicks,
Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate your request, because of security issues. Airport staff is working to revise the ordinance to eliminate the ability to request waivers in this matter.
Maureen Riley”

Now since the South Shore clubs all have commercial aircraft passing directly over their property on a daily basis, I has a bit put off by this explanation and requested further clarification. I asked her, respectfully, in 3 emails so far, just how waterfowl hunting in a duck marsh that is located between 2 and 3 ½ miles west of the Salt Lake City International Airport can pose a security risk. I also asked if she or someone on her staff could please explain that to me. I also reiterated that I wasn’t actually asking for permission to hunt within the boundaries of the actual airport. I’m still waiting for a response.

So what’s my point in bringing this to your attention you might ask. Well, number one, there’s the question about the mental capacity of the imbecile(s) who actually came up with the ordinance to begin with. And more importantly, I’d like to get as many of you as possible to request permission to hunt this property. According to the Waterfowl Proclamation, it would appear that you have a right to hunt this property after getting written permission to do so from the Airport Director, Maureen Riley.

Do I plan to hunt this property if given permission to do so? Do I expect any of you to hunt this property? Would it be a good thing to open up this property to hunting? The answer to all these questions is the same answer: NO!

But somebody messed up big time (IMHO) when they wrote that ordinance and the State put that information in the Proclamation. And the only way I know of to get errors of this nature changed is to publicize it and get others to recognize the error so they might get involved in changing it as well.

No, the World will not end tomorrow if you don’t. And no, this isn’t of major importance in the greater scheme of life. And I doubt seriously that it will affect your total season bag this year or next. But if you have a couple of spare minutes in the next couple of weeks, drop Ms. Riley a line and ask her for permission to hunt this property as indicated you can in the Proclamation. Her email address is

Hey, the duck hunting sucks right now, and I’m bored. I had to do something today to keep from going stir crazy. And in keeping with the season, Merry Christmas to one and all.
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