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Duck Dynasty

by DallanC » Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:07 am

I'd never watched the show until I saw a couple of the Duck Dynasty guys on The Tonight Show with Leno. They were pretty funny so the next night me and the wife watched a show... and then another... and another. We quite literally laughed to tears, even my wife was laughing till she teared up.

If you haven't watched any of it before, its not so much about duck hunting as you would think. Oh they do hunt all kinds of things, and fish every chance they get, and eat everything they kill... but the episodes are usually about all kinds of other funny things. Most things solved in true RedNeck fashion. "Oh we need to get rid of this old camp trailer, well shoot boys, we need a new duck blind, lets go drag that down to the swamp and stick'er in a tree!"

The people are charismatic, I love Phil the older father of the kids running the company. There is a well grounded individual. His outlook on life is really neat, that kids today don't even know where their burger meat or milk come from. He's always trying to teach grand kids the "outdoor way", heck even schooling his own kids (in their 40's) about simple things like their failed attempt to harvest some wild honey.

Very little cursing, I think I heard 1 beep out of a dozen shows which is major annoyance of my wife and other shows we watch. The guys are all religious in a southern baptist sort of way, they take it seriously but its definitely amusing to see them all in church in full camo (seriously!). Also, and I love this about the show, they always end an episode around a dinner table putting aside any personal issues and give some life moral that really makes alot of sense.

Anyway if you haven't watched a few episodes, you might want to catch it. Its hands down my favorite show on TV now.

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Re: Duck Dynasty

by bwhntr » Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:23 am

Funny show. My daughter absolutely loves it. She likes skinny redneck boys. She tells me we are watching her future inlaws. :help:
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