Youth Waterfowl Success!

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Youth Waterfowl Success!

by DallanC » Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:31 pm

Had a great time this weekend, fun camping, lots of ducks around, lots of fish, not a soul of any other type.

My boy did pretty good for his first ever youth hunt. We started off the day with alot of shooting, unfortunately his aiming needs a bit of work. He had been nailing clays easily but in the field was a different story. But we kept at it and he started knocking them down here an there. We had aa few mishaps we'll have to work on for next year (got him within 30 yards of a big flock of greenheads and as they lifted off he realized he hadnt ejected his previous shell... doh!).

Got in some blind shooting and river jump shooting (its GREAT to watch a kid jump a duck and dump it all by his self!). During the day when the hunting slowed down but the fishing was great, lots of action and full limits to keep everyone occupied.

Come dusk, we went back out, missed a bunch more but and he did end up dropping another one (dropped the only scaup out of a flock of greenheads lol). Shot nearly an entire box with his youth 20GA, ended up with 5 ducks, 2 mallards and 3 scaup. Oh yea, and 1 muskrat... "but dad, its fur will be for FLY TYING" ROFL! "OK, blast it" :)

Great fun for the whole family but my boy had an absolute blast!

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Re: Youth Waterfowl Success!

by Dunkem » Sun Oct 14, 2012 9:00 am

Nice job! (nice mess of fish too)
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