Cache/Rich Doe Antelope, scouting trip

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Cache/Rich Doe Antelope, scouting trip

by DallanC » Fri Sep 06, 2013 1:23 pm

My 12 year old drew a doe antelope tag for the Cache / Rich unit. Perfect "big game" hunt to start a kid off on. We are headed up tomorrow morning to drive through the area for a puesdo scouting trip and learn the area before the hunt starts next month. My boy is quite excited for this as you can imagine.

I'll link a map I made from the DWR info showing the boundary, its a pretty darn big unit. I also have better maps showing the BLM / public land boundrys as well within this unit.

I'm looking for a few rough suggestions of places to drive through / look over. Are there goats on the east side of the unit?

PM or email me if you want to share any ideas of places to hit up.

The unit:

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